Comes the Dawn

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12 original compositions for classical guitar composed and recorded by Robin Neihardt. Total playing time is 40:57.



This album is a collection of original pieces for the classical guitar composed and performed by me, Robin Neihardt. I usually do all my composing with a pen and paper in hand­­— actually a computer keyboard under hands. However, this time I have held a guitar in my hands and have written the music down after the fact. I have spent a great deal of time composing over the last decade or two and even pieces I like a great deal will get named Study or Etude or In Six-eight. In the past, I have even resorted to song naming contests. It appears I have difficulty providing names for my compositions. This time, however, as I completed recording each of the pieces, I made myself give it a name in order to save the recording! The names may not be the most wonderful, but at least they are now all named.

This album was composed, practiced, recorded, edited and mastered at Skyyrim Studios, Wickenburg, Arizona. My apologies to all those wandering the halls who had to listen to me learning these pieces. I wish to thank our fine new audio engineer, Ms. Ima I. Pad for managing the recording process. Editing and mastering duties flawlessly performed by Mr. Ed Itor. Security services were provided by the Rio Security Agency, whose agent was on the floor in the studio or outside the door for all of the recording sessions. Copyright in the year of our Lord two-thousand and twenty for Skyyrim Studios, all rights reserved.

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