The End of the Dream

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A Celebration of love, and ode to virility-Man Song reveals the passions and longings of the young poet John G Neihardt. These twenty-seven erotic poems, published just after he had married the sculptor Mona Martinsen, testify to the power of attraction between men and women and the strong bonds forged by male friends and comrades in adversity and triumph.

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The End of the Dream and other stories

Originally published at the beginning of the twentieth century, the short stories of John G Neihardt deserve to be better known. Their flesh and blood Indians were practically unprecedented in an era when the fiends of dime novels and idealization s of Cooper were still the literary norm. Owing much to young Neihardt’s intimate association in eastern Nebraska, the stories were of an Indian cast overlooked as the years brought laurels to the aurhor of A Cycle Of The West and Black Elk Speaks.  A closer look at them reveals that Neihardt was a disciplined artist from the very beginning.