The Twilight of the Sioux

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Written by: John G. Neihardt

Narrated by: Robin Neihardt

Length: 7 hours, 24 minutes

Unabridged book

This is the second volume of A Cycle of the West, dealing with the tragic defeat of the Plains Indians. It includes The Song of the Indian Wars (1925), which tells of the period of migration and the last great fight for the bison pastures between the invading white race and the Sioux, the Cheyenne, and the Arapahoe; and The Song of the Messiah (1935), which speaks of the conquered people and the worldly end of the last great dream. It closes with the battle of Wounded Knee, ending Indian resistance on the Plains.

The magnificence and tragedy of the Old West is here, as told by the brilliant epic poet John G. Neihardt: the courage of the settlers in the American West, the valiant resistance by the Native peoples who called it home. The legendary warriors Crazy horse, Red Cloud, and sitting Bull ride forth again, the ghost dance is performed once more; The 7th cavalry is annihilated at the Little Bighorn only to rise again and participate in a horrific massacre at Wounded Knee. The Twilight of the Sioux comes to life as narrated by the poet’s grandson, Robin Neihardt.

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