The Process

It starts with images in my mind. I sit and think and ponder over how it could be made. My wife often sees me in my chair and asks me if I am working, I usually am, but sometimes I am asleep. I visualize every piece and connection long before ever starting up a tool in the shop. If I don’t feel confident in the fabrication, I put it aside and go on to something else. In the meantime, the part of my mind I am unaware of works on it. Then, later, when I think of it again, the idea usually has matured and insights into the fabrication of the item start to flow.

Often those working with me get quite frustrated. Jon demands a set of drawn up plans, and so does Robert. I tell them to just look into my eyes, it is all there. Actually, I am happy to draw up the plans, for often a better way or better ideas come from drawing it out.