Robin Neihardt

I am going to assume that for most of you reading this, I was born shortly before the dawn of time. One of my earliest introductions to “media” was going to someone’s house and seeing Howdy Doody on their brand new black and white console TV. How wonderful it must be to have one in your very own living room! Telephones were of the “party-line” variety, we had 6 homes connected to one line and every home had their own ring. Uh no, a cell phone was nowhere to be seen, and who would want one of those ’til we got rid of those damn party-lines? A computer was a person that could add and subtract and  knew the multiplication tables. The “space race” was getting a parking place in the drive in restaurant. Okay, you get the idea.

robin treeI have always tended toward creative things to work at, I mean work that created something. I grew up farming creating beautiful fields of corn, soybeans and hay. I worked steel construction, building lovely steel warehouses and very tall grain elevators. I have built custom furniture out of numerous species of wood and still do a bit. I have designed and built houses including the one I now own. I toured as part of a classical guitar duo for a couple decades, and the classical guitar is still my greatest passion. I still spend a great deal of time every day keeping good at it. I also compose original music and have since 2005. You can get a glimpse of this part of my life in my listening room.

However, I would contend that you and I are not that much different. I know I can relate to you, for surely we are all related, right? We all come from the one source of all things. We all exist in a conscious intelligent universe where we live, move and have our being. And somewhere, back in the recesses of our personalized minds, we all carry with us in whatever we are doing the questions of: Who are we? What are we? Where are we? When are we? and How are we?

I still feel young, and although my body often strongly disagrees with that premise, it remains a willing participant in this great adventure of living. All the best to you!