Music by Robin Neihardt – Composer


Sketch created by artist Paul Rasporich during recent visit to Skyyrim Studios.

Below are covers of all the recent CDs with original music by composer, Robin Neihardt. Click on a cover to see more information on the CD and its contents. Mosaic is the most recent CD which has 15 original pieces for Classical Guitar composed and performed by Robin Neihardt. All the CD can be purchased here.

Why Am I a Composer of Music?

The answer I would like to give is: “I compose because I have to.” But that would sound trite wouldn’t it? Composing music as you know is a craft, and many long hours are required to learn it, and countless hours must be spent honing your skills to become competent in the craft of music. However, many a time, no matter what I do or try, the results are disappointing and frustrating. The lines sound forced and the harmony stilted.

Fortunately, for this composer, that is not always the case.

However, there are times when working on a score that something starts flowing through me, a feeling or an energy that nudges me to use that harmony, or that rhythm, or that instrument. Sometimes, I go into my studio early in the morning and look up a bit later and it is afternoon. Often, I finish a piece of music and when I go back and listen to it, I do not remember writing it, though I do remember spending the time doing it.

So Why Do I Compose music?

I strive to be a composer because I need to feel that energy, that intelligent inspiration  flowing in me. I yearn to feel that I am at least a small part of the great scheme of things. This life is a wondrous , in-explainable thing. But when I get that flow through me, I think I am at least nibbling around the edges of and understanding.


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