On a side road, stuck

A good friend was asking my thoughts about our corporeal lives and our spiritual lives. They were saying that we have this corporeal life and we keep going off on side roads and getting stuck; and we also have a spiritual life, but it does not make sense to only follow the spiritual life and live in a monastery or some cave in the Himalayas. They were wondering how to mesh the two lives, the corporeal life and the spiritual life.

After a bit of thought, I came to the conclusion, in my opinion, the premise is wrong and there is no real answer to the query as it is stated. In my mind, there is no resolution as to how to organize the spiritual and corporeal lives. I would propose a different question with a different premise that will allow me to have a different answer! One may say that I am just escaping and dodging the question, but who is to say really? If you like, follow along with me a bit.

I am convinced that there is one infinite consciousness, an infinite intelligence, composed of a spiritual mindstuff, in which all things are centered. The differences of substance is vibrational. Everything, all matter, the entire universe, is composed entirely of this mindstuff, and exists within this infinite consciousness. Again, there is only one.

I believe we are individual points of consciousness within this infinite consciousness in which we live and move and have our being. We are more or less finite, but the only limit to our access to the infinite is our ability to understand and receive.  We are eternal, immortal beings. Thus, my premise is that there is only one life, a spiritual one. Since all existence is composed and contained in this one spiritual consciousness, all life must be spiritual.

Accepting that we are immortal, it is reasonable to think we are now incarnated in this physical realm. Imagine yourself an immortal being, and occasionally you put on a cloak, composed of molded mindstuff to exist and experience a physical universe – of matter, of sensation and feelings and of emotions, a most delightful or terrifying playground and schoolyard of learning and understanding. Then after a period of time, you remove the cloak and retire from the physical, until you put the cloak on again. And again. And again.

We have a mind, and it has an objective and subjective side or aspect. As you know, it is most often called the conscious mind and sub-conscious mind, but don’t forget there is only one consciousness just different aspects. The conscious mind is constantly chattering and creating thought and coming to conclusions, while our sub conscious part is regulating our bodies and actually creating our environment. Through our subjective (subconscious) side, we have access to the infinite consciousness, or at least what part of it our mind is open to receive. The material world is the resultant effect, of thought cause.

In the first paragraph, we were on some side road, stuck. Let’s stay there while I ask how many generations has the human race existed on earth? Tens of thousands? A million? And how many thoughts have been thought and re-thought since the beginning of humans? A gazillion? These thoughts have piled up over the countless generations and become a massive storehouse of thought, the race consciousness. Part of that race consciousness is family and inherited consciousness. All those thoughts are existing in this one consciousness that is all things.

Since we have access to the infinite consciousness through the subjective side of our minds, we are not aware of all those thoughts, that enormous race consciousness. Because it is only accessible only on the subjective side of our mind, it exists below our level of awareness. We can think a thought, hold it and the subjective side of our mind will create a reality based on that thought. But are we thinking thoughts for ourselves, or are we most often just pulling (unconsciously) from the race consciousness? When we find ourselves on some side road stuck, did we consciously put ourselves there, or did we unconsciously allow ourselves to go there on a racial consciousness auto pilot? We all have the ability to not go down that side road, but we have to consciously choose not to, and perhaps that is the reason for physical existence.

However we got there, and whatever it might mean to be there, we are still living a life of spirit, for there is no other life. All is spirit, hence all life is spiritual. As beings advance and refine their thought, the level of their existence will rise to higher and finer levels. Good and evil are but two ends of the same string. As is the bright light of realization and the darkness of illusion the ends of the same strand. As the awareness of an individual soul rises, or moves along that strand, less thought will be placed in the physical; which is actually viewing thoughts after they have happened. More awareness will be placed on pure thought and the relationship of an individual soul to the cosmic infinite consciousness. We all shall get there. Realization will only be achieved by the individual development of a soul, but it is inevitable.

All is well.

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3 Responses to On a side road, stuck

  1. Joy ONeill says:

    Ok, but wait a minute. Why bother to have a corporeal life at all? If we are all infinite, which I agree with, then why bother to have a life on earth? Who would need it? What for? To evolve? Why would an Infinite Being need to evolve? And evolve to what?

  2. Dennis Rothrock says:

    Old friend from KC. Luybens and the Conservatory. Still living in Oregon ( 2 places – in the woods and in Portland) Retired elementary music teacher. Been married for 28 years. Spent many years playing for square and contre dances. Like to escape the winter rain in sunnier places- Austin, Tucson etc. Glad to see you are doing well and still playing music. You don’t need to post this comment but I hope you get it!

  3. Coralie Hughes says:

    You are most eloquent, brother! You and I are joined by more than blood… but also thought. My simple mind boils it down to this…. I’m a child of infinity that occasionally decides to experience more contrast so that I can increase my knowledge and grow. The physical plane provides the contrast for that growth. So I put on an earth suit and here I am.

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