Some of the videos I have made at Skyyrim Studios.

Black Elk’s Prayer

John Neihardt reciting Black Elk’s Prayer. Neihardt wrote the prayer shortly after the 1931 historic talks he had with Black Elk at Pine Ridge Reservation. He was able to capture in poetic form what the great Sioux holy man was relating to him in Lakota conversation. In 1971 Neihardt recorded his recitation of the prayer. Thirty five years later, grandson Robin composed the music and combined it digitally with John Neihardt’s recording. The old photos in the video clip were taken by John Neihardt and his daughter Hilda during the 1931 meetings. For more information on Black Elk and Neihardt, Black Elk Speaks and Black Elk and Flaming Rainbow are great resources and excellent reads.

5 by 7 and 8 by 10 art prints of Black Elk’s Prayer are available for purchase.


A meditational experience with Arizona scenery taken by friends and family and original music from by Robin Neihardt of Skyyrim Studios.

The Invitation

The text for this video is “The Invitation” By Oriah from her book, The Invitation (c)1999. Music is from the CD, “Paw and Foot Prints in the Canyon, by Robin Neihardt.


Easter, written by John G. Neihardt, is from his collection of poems, “The Poet’s Town”. This and other collections are available in the book titled: “Lyric and Dramatic Poems of John G. Neihardt” published by the University of Nebraska Press. Copies of the book are available and can be purchased in our store.