Mosaic sheet music

Mosaic-sheet-musicMosaic is a collection of twelve, short, Classical Guitar pieces composed as “character pieces”, each evoking a differing mood and style. When I wrote them, I did not have a guitar in my hands, and composed them on a blank staff. As a result, they make excellent studies – for they often present the guitarist with fingering and execution challenges. Most of the pieces cover a wide range of the fretboard. The keys I wrote the pieces in, however, are kind to the guitar tuning.

martinPerhaps my favorite is the tenth study I titled: “Berceuse”, it is played slowly and was composed to be a lullaby. Studies nine and eleven present challenges as arpeggio studies. Study seven uses the tremelo, which is a technique where the guitarist plays the melody using three fingers of the right hand to repeat the melody notes, while the right thumb plays the bass accompaniment.

The Sheet Music is available in the Neihardt Store. I hope you enjoy playing these pieces, and if you like, I have recorded them on a CD.

All the best to you.

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