Mosaic CD of Original Classical Guitar MusicMosaic is a collection of 15 Classical Guitar pieces I composed as “character pieces”, each evoking a differing mood and style. The CD can be purchased here. I think my personal favorite is Berceuse. I originally began writing it as a little piece for orchestra, but a lullaby really needed a more intimate setting and guitar was perfect for that. My younger sister named the first two pieces, saying that is how they made here feel when she first heard them. The Box Canyon Rondo is dedicated to a truly wonderful oasis in the desert where water runs in a little stream and pools year round. As the water leaves the canyon, it sinks back into the sands not to be seen again for many miles. Mysterioso is another piece originally destined to be an orchestral work, but became a piece for the guitar instead. On Third and Sixth is not a location but rather points out that most of the passages in are intervals of thirds and sixths repeated.

I hope you enjoy listening to this Mosaic.

All the best to you.

Robin Neihardt

Total Playing Time: 43:39

Track Title Playing Time
1 Midnight Meditation 03:00
2 July 02:01
3 By the Stream 02:35
4 Box Canyon Rondo 04:21
5 September 02:52
6 Hymn 02:07
7 August 01:45
8 On Third and Sixth 02:12
9 Skyyrim Waltz 02:31
10 In the Bradshaws 02:41
11 Mysterioso 04:03
12 Arpeggio 02:04
13 Berceuse 03:10
14 A Stroll in the Park 02:43
15 Prayer 04:08