Today is a great day to become aware!

clock-gearsThis day I am looking for thoughts and patterns of thought that are not serving me well. A happy, joyful thought is most acceptable! I gladly want more and more of them to surface into my consciousness. The thought patterns I want to become aware of  are those insidious negative first responses to events occurring moment by moment in my life.

I am not overly concerned with the occurrence of the events themselves, for as I continue to improve my awareness of my connection to source; events and situations will increasingly come into alignment with what I am desiring in my life.

However, I am very perturbed with that initial reflexive thought that pops up as a response to an event.  I would guess that if I were aware enough (in a dismaying number of instances I am not), I would realize that scores of these thoughts are not the positive and joyful thoughts I want defining my life. In fact, even now, I catch some that are most negative and fearful. My goal should be to become aware of any automatic negative thought that is not rooted in the reality I desire for myself – and replace it with higher quality and better feeling thoughts.

Where did these thoughts come from? I did not bring them with me into this physical life, for I came from the Source of all life – and Source Energy is pure, positive joy.

That means that I have picked up, accepted, and cultured these thoughts along the trail of my life. Day by day, from a tiny kid to a grown adult, to this very day, I have honed them and become skilled in employing them and have installed them into the thought-response vocabulary of my life experience. It appears I have allowed these myriad accepted and cultured thoughts to become part of the mental structure of a belief system that is not good for me.  I have done this. Indeed I have done this not realizing that the thought-response vocabulary I have so haphazardly assembled is a belief system that in great measure is now creating my life experience!

I cannot believe I have done this!

If I could assemble this life creating hodgepodge, with no plan, and little conscious design; should I not be able to dismantle it and replace the contents, thought by thought, with a thought-response vocabulary that supports a belief system that more truly aligns me with the Source of all that is? Shouldn’t I be able to achieve a point where I think Source-aligned thoughts both consciously and unconsciously?

The keys to reaching this level of thought are: awareness, understanding and resolution. I will train myself to be aware of these reflexive thoughts – for I want awareness of my thoughts.  I will strive to understand their nature and position on my emotional scale – for I want understanding  and close association with my emotions. And I resolve to transform any negative thought at the moment I realize it into a better and better feeling thought – for I want the determination and dominion to live my life deliberately.

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